The Parchment

As it has been established that the text content of the manuscript has nothing to do with the illustrations, the question arises as to the meaning of these graphics.

In my opinion, there is some evidence that the illustrations were not created by the authors of the text, but that these pages were acquired in this form, second-hand as it were.
Thus they were able to lend the book the impression of a work of natural science, as part of the encryption.

Apart from the pictures of plants, we find pages with depictions of concentric circles and rosettes.
I feel that these pages have the character of game boards or perhaps educational material. In this regard, it is interesting that at the centre of the pages f70v, 70r, 71v, 71r, 73r, 73v and 75r, labels appear in a non-Voynich script, called “Latin Marginalia”, whose meaning and language already was speculated extensively (it turned out, finally, that those are month names), but in relation to VM script did not obtain any significance.

Non-voynichenese words

I believe these markings to be strong evidence that the origin of the vellum is other than of Voynich authors.


3 Responses to “The Parchment”

  1. Diane September 21, 2012 at 04:43 #

    Nick Pelling has spent a great deal of effort on this material. I am surprised you haven’t heard of his work – look up the folios at and you will see how nuch is already discovered about those writings.

    I have been working on the imagery for four years.

    My conclusion is that it could be the book of a mu’allim kanaka, nakhoda or navritika.. however the imagery is pre-Islamic. Not Christian imagery either.

    Accordng to Okasha El Daly, there is a book in the Topkapi Seryai which shows many different scripts collected in medieval Islam, some ancient. Perhaps the Voynich is one?

    • jodavoyar September 21, 2012 at 10:22 #

      1. could you please give me an exact address ? I could not find one yet about the issue.

      2. Could you please show your material ? I would like to discuss on this.

  2. Elmar Vogt September 24, 2012 at 13:38 #

    Actually, the writing in the center of the zodiac pages has long been established as being the names of the months associated to the particular sign (Aries March, etc.), with the writing being probably in some variation of French.
    Elias Schwerdtfeger did some work on the topic which he allowed me to include in my little treatise on the marginalia, see here.

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