The Encryption

The Manuscript has a multi-stage encryption (it’s not an algorithmic encryption), which only gradually during the decryption and translation process comes to light.

We encountered the following:

1. The manuscript uses graphemes (glyphs) not otherwise seen.

2. There is missing punctuation: Sentence structures cannot be identified.

3. Word boundaries often are not to determine exactly.

4. After identification of Arabic language elements:
Words often appear in conjunction with one another, written together, in a way which is not compliant with the Arabic language.
Often parts of words that actually belong together are separated by spaces.
Such way the morphological structures of words are frequently disturbed, see here .
Obviously, the texts were dictated to a writer who did not master Arabic scripts.

5. After the translation of some texts from Arabic:
The texts have nothing to do with the figures (plants etc.) in the Manuscript (a great disappointment to all those involved in VM for a long time).

6. The texts display religious content from Sufism, which further complicates the translation.
My excellent translator, Salam Al Kurdi, succeeded, with her profound religio-historical knowledge, clarifying these relationships, and providing consistent translations.


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