A Theory on VM origin.

Let’s take a look at what was happening back in the 15th Century, which is when, with all probability, the manuscript was created.
The Ottoman Empire had conquered Constantinople in 1453, thus increasing the importance of Islam.
For the Christian Church, a major power that adopted another religion than Christianity as pretty much a state religion was especially threatening. So Christian religious communities were particularly keen to propagate the barbarous heathen infidel image of the Ottomans (Turks) and keep the faithful believing this.
From our present point of view, the important thing to note is that the Turks used Arabic script for their documents. In that, books from their cultural area were made suspicious for the Christians.

In 1455 pope Callixtus III urged a crusade against the Turks.

Apart from that, the Spanish Inquisition reared its ugly head in 1478. During the Inquisition, both Hebraic and Arabic books were put to the torchset fire.

A woeful climax was reached in 1499, when Cardinal Francisco Jiménez ordered 80‘000 books to be burnt in Granada and proclaimed Arabic to be the language of a heretical and despicable race.

Arabic books, especially of a theological nature, were endangered during this period.

This was probably the reason why Arabic scribes, to save their works, came up with the idea of encoding books (only one is known, which is what we’re discussing here) at multiple levels with strange glyphs, so that they didn’t appear to be Arabic (or Hebraic) at all and could thus avoid being destroyed.

Judging by the complexity of the manuscript, it was certainly not intended that outsiders would be able to decode it, but that the authors alone would be in a position to restore their original text.


2 Responses to “A Theory on VM origin.”

  1. Diane September 21, 2012 at 04:54 #

    i can’ t agree here. Any unreadable text would be suspect, and any curious alphabet too. In fact it would be worse. If an Arabic translator couldn’t read it, either, then it might be presumed magical. This habit is universal; look at how many ‘magical’ theories have been suggested for the Voynich manuscript! What people can’t read, worries them.

    • jodavoyar September 21, 2012 at 10:48 #

      Let’s look at the historical environment:
      1. How many people could ever read their native language?
      2.How many of them were able to read other languages​​?
      3.What all can / could recognize, solely on its appearance, an Arabic or Hebrew script. It was therefore not, to “read” 80,000 Arabic books before, in order to burn them. Assistants could decide.
      4.VM even appeared at first sight for today’s people “readable”, I’ve noticed anyway. And because of the illustrations it had even be considered as a scientific work (what almost all people even today still believe).
      Exactly thus it was protected.
      5. And even if all similar to the VM-looking books were destroyed as magical, yet VM could have survived as a single one!

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